December 5, 2014

mangatron's Holiday 2014 giveaway!

December. A year ago, these cops and lawyers wouldn't dare.... wait, that's a line from the Joker in The Dark Knight....

A year ago, 10 days from now, I received a new hard drive and my very first Figma. I was about to blog about both of my glorious purchases when I was devastated by the worst food poisoning of my life. Yes, for 8 years of food poisoning, this one was destructive as it eventually led to undernourishment and the eventual breakdown of my muscles in my left leg, an injury that I am still recovering from.

One of the things I wanted to do last year was celebrate my upcoming 10 years at Animesuki by holding a giveaway. I couldn't do it then, this time, I am determined to do it. My first every giveaway of this type:

$20 USD worth of Gaming digital codes at Play-Asia

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(If you can't see the above widget, you may have to enable javascript or cookies. I allow rafflecopter related stuff to be safe)

Yup, I'm giving away the equivalent of $20 worth of a digital code(s) to whatever gaming/online service you utilize. Visit the site here to see what's eligible for at Play-asia. ANYTHING DIGITAL on that page is eligible. Now, for the proviso's of this giveaway:

Now, I said $20 worth, that means up to $20 of what's available on the Play-asia digital codes section. That could include PC game codes, Nintendo eshop credit, iTunes, Google, Steam, etc. $20 worth meaning if you want $10 Nintendo eshop credit and $10 Playstation Network credit then that works too.

What doesn't work is going past $20, for example iTunes and Xbox do not have $20 cards, only $25 and/or $15 in the case of Xbox. Xbox and iTune's though have $10 cards so 2 of those work. Basically if the face value is UP TO $20, the winner is good for that. Note that I am using US Dollars as an example, and I'm sure there might be someone who buys Japanese digital codes, maybe Hong Kong digital codes, if the winner is in Europe then I'm sure they would buy card in Euro's or GBP. Just use a currency converter site to calculate amounts that equal up to $20 USD Face value (the cost printed on the card). The winner cannot ask for a prize exceeding $20 USD.

To enter:

  • In the above Rafflecopter widget, enter your Animesuki username and a fake email valid email. Oh gosh, don't worry it won't be visible to the public. I will be contacting the winner via Animesuki PM.

Now, for the rules:

  2. Only girls with twintails and D-cup or higher boobies can enter.
  3. Children under 13 must have their parent's approval. No joke, I'm not going to be responsible for someone else's kid >__>
  4. This giveaway is open to Animesuki members who joined the forum before October 2014. The reason for this is simple: I love Fall 2014's anime, and I know some people might have joined in September to join in on the discussions. This is also to ensure a newbie doesn't swoop in and take the prize without having had much at all to do with the forum. I wanted this giveaway to be something fun for the members who have put up with me over the years, and those who joined at the dawn of Fall 2014's anime schedule.
  5. There will be no refunds. I have purchased from Play-asia before, so I can vouch for them. But recently some folks have been reporting codes not working for Nintendo's eshop some time before the release of Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. Such is the of Nintendo's network, not Play-asia, but in the event the winner's digital codes do not work, the winner has to honestly notify me about it so that I can pass it on to Play-asia.
  6. ANYONE IN THE WORLD CAN ENTER. Anyone with internet access to the Animesuki forums, anyways. Play-asia carries a wide host of different region codes, so I'm sure the winner will have something to choose from.
  7. Giveaway ends on the 12th, I think during my time zone (GMT +8 Hong Kong time). The reason for this is to avoid last minute holiday rushes, and in the event the Play-asia staff may not to be available after that date to handle online orders during the holidays (everyone needs a break sometime :/)
  8. The winner agree's that their answer will be publicly displayed for all the world to see. Don't be afraid to share with the world about your waifu/husbando, stand tall and be proud!
  9. In the unfortunate event the winner is not a gamer or has no multimedia device at all, then an alternate prize will be discussed. IF it's within my capability's to do so. There can't be a gamer-less person out there, right?
  10. Did you know that if you massage a girl's chest, they'll grow bigger over time?*

Ahem, there it is! My first giveaway ever! But I'm sure some folks are wonder why now and why is it gaming related, so here come the FAQs:

Q: So why you playing santa now? Shouldn't you use the money for your leg?
A: Well, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago to a friend at Animesuki about how a little e-commerce boomed into my biggest earnings yet. See, I've been into e-commerce since 2000, that's 14 years of dabbling into the world of e-commerce, and it wasn't until November this year when I was handling at least 20 orders a day. The reason why I suddenly did all that was because I was angry, frustrated by the misery I suffered in October from not only 1, but 2 food poisoning incidents AND an accidental ingestion of dishwashing detergent (long miserable story for that one). Like in 2013, I was angry and eventually bought my much needed hard drive and my wonderful Yukiko Amagi figma. This time, I'm using my misfortune for something positive for someone else. 

Q: So why gaming related?
A: Well, that's a story I'll blog about later. As you might know I rarely blogged this year, much of that thanks to my leg, but this time I'll show why November was truly a month to remember, 14 years of e-commerce and I finally found out what to do.

Q: So why didn't you get a surgery by now if November was such a good month?
A: I have a long standing distrust for all things hospital, all because of their "suggestions" that eventually led to my parent's following their suggestions, which of course were wrong, and so I've lived all my life suffering from a number of things. When my health records were eventually lost in the worst mishap of my family's life, I lived away from the hospital since until my clinic visit in 2006 in Germany to treat my food poisoning. What the doctor suggested to me was something I didn't expect him to say, which is why I still follow some of his advice to this day. But that's my stomach. So far I've recovered from every food poisoning incident since 2006, and since then I am hospital free, and I intend to keep it that way. It was about in June this year when I brought up the suggestion of surgery, as I was frustrated of no signs of change in my swelled up leg, and I was advised that doctor's in the Philippines aren't exactly the reliable ones to count on on something rather serious, and I was told there were several deaths involved in surgery's (I've also read about these on the local news). And since I am not capable of going on a plane to a more reliable country, I decided to wing it out. And I've improved since. I saw change, and I want to see my natural recovery to the end. So much money and effort from my wonderful family has gone into my leg, that I will see it through no matter what. And perhaps it's my stubbornness where I don't want to thank a doctor for fixing me up ;)

Q: Why only $20? You stingy scrooge :P
A: I would have made the prize a hentai game from mangagamer. That sound better? >:D

Q: Is this giveaway really for real?
A: Yes. I am good for it. Money has already been put aside for it, so unless a cute girl falls from the sky and lands her cute butt on my face and then tells me to marry her or else the universe is doomed, I will tend to this giveaway upon the due date.

Q: So who is your waifu?
A: Oh, like it says on the header, I gonna marry a twintail. Uh huh, I ain't married at all. Perfectly bachelory :)


*disclaimer: the mangatron is purely speculating. There was no couple brave enough to try out this theory, so it will remain a theory until a couple proves it's real :P

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