December 25, 2014

mangatron's Holiday 2014 haul

Well I did say I was willing to do the giveaway because I already spent money on myself, so here I'm going to post about what I got in November-December. Yukiko Amagi is providing the modeling for the photoshoot :D

In case the picture isn't clear enough, yes, I got myself a PS Vita, though it hadn't arrived yet at the time of this picture. To lazy to do another group photo :P In the picture you can see what looks like a book underneath the Vita games, I actually got the "Let's Get Physical" edition of Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, which came with an artbook/character profile detailing all the Senran Kagura SV girls with some producer commentary. And yes, I had to get Dead or Alive 5+, it's one of the main reasons why I got a Vita lol. Oh, and if you hadn't noticed it yet, yes, I got another 3DS, the greenish thing below the gunpla box, though that one was bought purely as a unit to test my repair skills as it was sold as "UNPLAYABLE", and of course, with my great skill, I made it playable.

That Senran Kagura artbook is some delicious stuff. I knew the girls had casual clothes, but this is the first time I get to get my hands on them :D

Look at my waifu Haruka (left), that glorious black camisole, the open shoulder sweater, that miniskirt pantyhose legs, ah no wonder why I love her :D Meanwhile Hikage has a great choice, vertical lines sweater with thigh high knee socks that give the impression she wearing no pants XD I can't wait to play this game.... yeah, that's right, I haven't played it yet. Dealing with the DLC is a nightmare, just today new Christmas santa outfits were released for all Senran Kagura SV girls and I found out too late that the DLC was glitchy and the only way to remove it was to remove all Senran Kagura content on the Vita's memory card.... including the save >__> So, I learned my lesson, after I painstakingly redownloaded all the free DLC minus the santa outfits, I backed up that trite to my computer, and the hilarious part is, I have to do this every time DLC is released for this game, as this happened before with the rainbow pantsu DLC that was also glitched (but has been fixed already).

The model kit, a 1/144 Real Grade Zeta Gundam, is actually one I've been wanting for some time now, I had actually forgotten it existed until November when I bought it. It was really funny when the mailman delivered it, my brothers, curious what the package was, asked, and I told them I ordered the RG Zeta gundam. My older brother, the 2nd, said something rather funny, he asked "Not Build Fighters?", because all 3 of us have watched both the first season and currently are watching Try, and we all enjoy the series. So the major thing I like about this RG Zeta is the ability to transform without removing key limbs or parts like the High Grade 1/144 Zeta did. Another reason was that I had bought the Perfect Grade Zeta when I was in the USA; it arrived the day after I left, and I haven't had a chance to build it.
Surprising how big a figma is, considering 1/144 Zeta is one of the tallest 1/144's out there. I can see this Zeta is cheating on my Yukiko, perhaps a little dismantlement is in order >:D

As you can see the Zeta comes with an interesting set of hands for a 1/144 scale Gunpla, 2 jointed thumb, index finger and the 3 other fingers together. I was very surprised it came with these, something I thought was only possible with 1/100 and up scale gunpla.

And yes, I'm enjoying Dead or Alive very much ;)

My waifu Tina has her name printed on her butt lol

The best part of this month though, was the significant progress I've made in taking care of my leg, the hole below my knee is naturally closing, and the pain in my calf has lessened, to the point where now I have to worry about my leg being restless, I so badly want to walk on it, but until the hole is fully closed in my leg, I will not repeat the disaster that was July. I'm going to walk again soon, everyone. This year has been the most trying time of my life, and I've learned so much about how to better take care of my body. I wish everyone a happy holidays, and I wish the best of health to you all :)

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