May 30, 2015

Feel my Birthday! Super late edition.

Super late to post this because this time around is very much different compared to last year. My leg last year was just swollen, in whatever phase swollen is, so I just sat around doing what I do on my birthday. This year, I concentrated on tending to my leg as it's very close to healing completely (it takes several hours a day to clean, bandage gauze, change said bandage gauze, rinse repeat etc), and for the first time in a long time I can stand on both legs without pain.

I hope so too, Nurse Joy.

That said I only did the basic things on my birthday, unfortunately I couldn't play Company of Heroes due to my inability to concentrate on my PC for any length of time. But Pokemon's Nurse Joy kept me company, I held a Wonder Trade giveaway with Shiny battle ready Snow Warning Aurorus', and thank you to all those who click the candle icon on the PSS :D

This year's Feel the Magic waifu is Space Channel-chan with garter :D

First up is as usual, Feel the Magic. My personal favorite mission: BUS STOP.

It's become my nemesis because as you can see on the bottom screen, those rows of stars? Yeah, I beat it before, but that was 9 years ago in Germany. I HAVEN'T BEATEN IT SINCE. And as usual, this year my result was:


Rub Rabbit's waifu: Swimsuit-chan with lovely hairstyle :D

Mission: PIANO

I tried to console myself with Piano. It's, how do you say, a rhythm game? Match the beat with the song that just played. Well, sounds easy right?

Failed after the first try! I can't believe I made such a juvenile mistake by pressing the wrong key on the piano, ah mama mia....

And that's it for my birthday! Yeah, it's rather laid back compared to last year. But, with a string of losses on Feel the Magic and Rub Rabbits, I might have to break my rule of not playing these games until my birthday, you know going a year without playing is only going to make my skills worse, maybe say, 6 months from now I'll practice on the missions, maybe then I can finally break my losing streak on my birthdays XD


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