January 9, 2013

Anime site updates: January 9, 2013

Senran Kagura
According to the scriptwriter's twitter, in addition to a drama CD, it looks like Senran Kagura will have OVA specials. At least, the first volume will have one, which definitely sounds like Katsu-neechan will give her fondling hands a work out have a hands-on with measurements :D I believe there will be more than just one special though as each volume comes out.
(sources: Tokyo Anime news, Amazon BD listing, main site)

Vivid Red Operation
If you haven't yet, don't forget to check out the smattering of production art for Vivid Red butt Operation. I like original works, and I like it even better when the production staff isn't afraid to share a whole ton of stuff :)

Heads up:
-Pixiv has a Windows Store app for those interested.

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