January 20, 2013

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru episode 01

That's one heck of a title. From now on I'll shorten that to Oreshura, which is the common way to shorten novels with really long titles these days. Maybe I ought to create a manga with a really long title, like "My older sister wears pantyhose and a miniskirt and dominates me every day and every night".... but that would most likely be shortened to "Minisuka Neesan" XD

Anyways, onto the episode, I gotta say this is one heck of a colorful anime. Which is actually not so bad to my eyes, it's the pleasant kind of colors and not the heavily bright colors that would be glossy reflective on a glossy screen.

Just look at those colors. Wonderful pieces of art, and I like to use it to test my left eye, whether or not I'm seeing the right colors. Well, maybe it's not so good a test when it comes to that, but I honestly have an okay time watching this anime. The animation is fluid and in tune with its colors, and I don't have to raise my screen's brightness to cancer inducing levels. That also got me thinking. What happened to that warning they used to show before an episode is broadcast? You know, that warning where a girl from the anime will cutely tell you to sit back in a well lit room before watching. I don't see that anymore....I kind of miss that, their clever way of showing animating that special segment. Well, times a changed.
Masuzu with silver hair. Wait a minute, I just realize I've never seen a girl her age with silver hair, oh you cruel life...

One ritual I like to do as each new season comes along, is to not look up casting information. If I happen to see names posted online I try not to think about it, as I always like to be surprised at broadcast time. And what a pleasant surprise to hear Nanoha as Masuzu. That Yamada plays another interesting character, what a joy :D I wouldn't mind a side-story like that, "Masuzu's goal is to have 100 fake boyfriends, but somehow she goes doki doki for her first faker" XDDDD
Zettai ryouiki is okay in my book.

Which I gotta say she makes me go doki doki. Her and those zettai ryouiki legs of hers. And she wasn't wearing any pantsu this ep, but then again, maybe it was there and she was wearing something like this. (please don't ask how the heck I found that link >__>) That's the somewhat depressing part about this season though, for some reason they are waging war against pantsu, and a number of shows for Winter 2013 are not showing us any pantsu (aside from the girl who scientifically has to, Katsu from Senran Kagura.)
ChiwaChiwaChiwaChiwaChiwa...hey, another flat girl with twintails, whyyyyy....

My pantsu desires aside, I'm a long time reader of the manga, and I think episode 01 did really well in keeping the vibe going, ChiwaChiwa and her cheerfulness is a bright spot in this series, Masuzu can blackmail me anytime, and a male protag who prefers studying instead of loving? What was that manga called again....overall, I like what I saw in episode 01, and I'm looking forward to the rest of this series. Now if only i can see some pantsu...

btw, why in the world does Myanimelist not show the english title where it should be? Do you know what the english title is? "Oreshura". Can you imagine some unsuspecting new fellow in the world of anime tries to recommend this series to a friend, and he'll be like "Hey have you watched Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru?" and the friend would be like "What's that title mean?" and they'll say "Oreshura". One of these days someone there is going to figure out "English" does not exactly mean "romanized"... I'm always about simplicity and in order for a newbie to see the english title they'd have to go to the page for one of the manga. It's not just this series by the way. There's quite a number of them like this.

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