May 9, 2014

Feel my Birthday! Newgen edition! What?

I coined that term, yep. Newgen means all the changes that happened in just the last 4 years, and how much it changed those born within the last 14 years. Kids these days I tell ya...

So why the newgen edition anyways? Well, a lot of things have changed since my last birthday. My left leg is still kaput, my precious DS Lite's hinge finally ripped the ribbon cable for the top screen, rendering it half useful. I have Company of Heroes 2, which came out summer last year, after my birthday, so this will be my first birthday with that game. Except my computer absolutely lags with that game. There's a fault in my CPU that if it gets too hot, the GPU downclocks to 200mhz. I've done everything I could to cool my CPU but in the end, I need a new case >__>

I've known that for a while now, but it didn't bother me because I can remedy that by downclocking my CPU. That's why I've been spending my spare change on 3DS games, something I enjoy more :O So without further ado, this post brought to you late no thanks to a problem with my knee >_<

That's funny, shrink wrapped inside the shrink-wrapped box...

And for the first time in a long time, I buy myself a game on my birthday! (this took 2 months of whatever was left from my health spending) Well actually I received it yesterday, from my local gameshop, Conception II joins my birthday!
Don't you just love it when your girl puts one of your belongings on her crotch, daring you to get it?

Oh yeah, I wanted to blog about my first figma ever, Yukiko Amagi from the Persona series. I was supposed to do so last year to commemorate the retirement of my 250GB hard drive. Ironically life hasn't been so good since >__> don't ask why her, when I haven't involved myself in the Persona games or the anime, it's a.... perverted story ;)

Last played February 27

So let's kick things off with Company of Heroes 2! V-E day on me b-day! Actually, due to my hurting leg, I haven't played it since February 27, around the time I last bent my left knee. I only launched Steam to keep it updated, as I do not want the updates to pile up (they updated a lot of times this year >__<)

One of those updates is in preparation for the Western Armies, above you can see the 2 free commanders they gave out, German's get the Puma armored car and the Russians get the Sherman tank. Way too unbalanced, what no western tank for the Jerry's?
So, as usual, Vire River Valley is my fav map to play, unfortunately, this map had to be created by the nice people at Steam Workshop, and as far as I can tell there's no victory point option. Look at the above image, the AI was pretty dumb during my match with enemy AI (well, I gave them Standard difficulty, so heh).
Just leading the charge with my Stug III

The one thing I don't like about some of these custom maps are the population caps, where I could only have 2 tanks in addition to my defensive line.
Thanks to my tiny army, I had to rely on bomber support to destroy their structures.
Look at that, they managed to call in a T34 and it destroyed my Stug (lower right smoke), and the prick hid among the tree's, out of sight of my Tiger, but it could still fire at me due to their bases visual range.
Thanks to the loss of my Stug, I called in some heavy artillery: the Brummbar!
This is a really rare event. Despit their destroyed HQ, the AI called in reinforcements to fix their base. I very rarely seen this since the Company of Heroes 1 days, the option is there but the AI never used it until the latest CoH 2 updates (when I got the game December last year, the AI never did this).
My tanks were elsewhere, so I had to frag bomb them. Sorry, AI panzershreck buddy :P
That's where my tanks were. A T34 showed up, and when my Tiger came over to help, the T34 said 'screw this' and rammed my Brummbar, that's why it's engine is damaged.
I went after the last remaining Soviet base, and they actually managed to call in the ISU-152. That monster nearly blew out my Brummbar.
I won of course, but whenever the Tiger enters the game, if I was the Soviets, I have  HELL of a time against it. Those numbers above are a terror.
My small defensive line, the only other troops I had defending the only road into German territory.

One other reason why I don't play CoH2 much is because one needs to be online just to rank up. As you can see above, I am only rank 49, which would have been much higher had my ISP not been a total jerk.

Hmm, I wonder if I can make her into Atago >__>

Let's move on to my long standing ritual, Feel the Magic! As revenge for last time, I took on the mini games "Cart" and "Bus Stop" again. And I freaking lost again! What the heck man, for Cart I was rubbing the screen the wrong way, but Bus Stop, ugh my aim was off.
In case you're wondering, Bus Stop is like bowling; I'm supposed to roll the protagonist across the traffic crowded road to bowl the fan club on the other side. As you can see, I missed one guy >__<
For the sequel Rub Rabbits, I gave my waifu a nurse hat + chinadress! YEAH, I need a nurse right now, to uh... cast a mahou shoujo spell on my leg :P
Once again, it's revenge time for last year, "Dip" and "Dinner". If you're wondering about Dip (above pic), it's a mini game where I have to keep the piranha's away from my waifu while she washes her beautiful legs in the creek.... damnit I can't believe I keep losing this, YOU STOOPID FISHES LEAVE MY WAIFU ALONE, I'M SUPPOSED TO LICK HER LEGS NOT YOU.

As for Dinner, you might wonder why this one is my nemesis. There's 2 amusing reason, #1, I always thought it was a easy mini-game, because #2, it's a game where you tilt the protagonist on the bottom screen to eat the incoming food the girl throws, and avoid the rotten spoiled food. Yeah, I feel like it's a life simulation for me on how to avoid getting food poisoned so much >__>

Newcomer Conception II is also aboard for Feel My Birthday! I don't know if this game is going to be a part of my birthday rituals, but considering the premise, where I HAVE TO MAKE BABIES WITH CUTE GIRLS (stop looking at me like that), I sure hope it's a part of my rituals :D

Oh the animated cut scenes are a treat! Her name is Ruby, and SHE'S MY WAIFU. Well... it's too bad she's a part of the science division or something, they never said she's able to have babies :(

She has a reward for me! What could it be? Does she want to sit on me? Is she going to spank me? OH THE SUSPENSE ALONE IS KILLING ME XD

Well, I haven't gone that far in. It was... rather lengthy from the start to when you go to your dorm room. At least the girls are cute :P

Hey, it's my birthday, not Selena!

One other addition I am happy to welcome to my rituals, Pokemon X! I can't believe the fun stuff they had for birthdays, you know some people like to criticize Nintendo, but I for one love what they do with their games, little things like above just puts a smile on my face.
Look at that, that's just so awesome.

At a time when I've been really hurting due to my injured leg, it's reading stuff like this that warms me heart.
That's funny. I got way more birthday wishes than "Nice" clicks. What, nobody liked my Chespin wonder trade spam? They always were picked up on the GTS! :D

All in all, I really enjoyed my day today, in spite of the pain in my leg and knee. I also got to catch up to Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, a spring anime currently airing, which is a rather amusing series. But more importantly, I'm not going to let this keep me down. As you can see my blogging has dropped this year due to my health, but hopefully this birthday post will give me the energy I need to continue, it could have been yesterday, it could have been last month, but for me to enjoy my birthday this much, I'm really thankful and happy I'm still alive.

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