May 31, 2016

Feel my Birthday superlative edition!

Low quality rant: my wireless carrier is a piece of sh*t. These mother forgetters ficked up my connection this whole month of May, all because they overlooked one tiny little exploit in their subscription plan, causing a whole bunch of smarty pants in this country to abuse their service to the max. And I mean these people gave Globe no quarter, pushing their data subscriptions to multiple GB's a month for the low low cost of 5 peso per activation. You know what that is? 10 US cents for an extra 800MB added to their data plan. I had to find out why Globe shut down the subscription plan, because I used it legitimately as it is, and not adding it to a data plan, and sure enough I found out why they shut down the service. These people were abusing it, like with no regard to the network, and they got the nerve to show off their exploited internet.....downloading hollywood movies. Like what the shiitake mushroom, why do these people always rip off hollywood movies in this country....

Never mind, that's why I'm late this month. Had severe stomach cramps on my birthday, causing me to do my birthday gaming the day after. During all this time, my internet was at its absolute shittyness because they still can't fix the exploit, wow I want to know how much money they lost. They can't even hire good software engineers because their corporate asses are too cheap. These mother forgetters caused me to be late in most of my anime this season because they can't fix a simple ass problem in their subscription plan. Sunnova beach ball they used to not allow multiple subscriptions on a single sim card, if June hits and they still didn't fix it, I will LAUGH MY ASS off at their twitter, on why they can't fix it. And, I heard that incoming president warned these telco's to get their ass together or else he'll bring in the foreigners, I say screw these local telco's, bring in the foreigners.

Anyways, due to my stomach cramps, I was only able to do the bare minimum for my birthday gaming. On to it, shall we?

Company of Heroes 2, featuring the British Army! In case you don't know, I play Company of Heroes because my birthday is VE Day, something I have mad respect for and appreciate to have been born on such a day. Though I did not seem to respect my armored car in the above pic, getting mauled by ze russians.

Yep, I'm fighting the Russians lol. That's my AI teammate right there, the Wehrmacht XD I just have to say, the one improvement they did for this game a couple of years ago, was the AI's tendency to look for the nearest engineer squad whenever their tanks are damaged. This was a huge improvement over Company of Heroes 1, where the AI just couldn't sit still, here in CoH2, they stop until all repairs are done. It's made gameplay so much better with AI :D

Here's a funny moment. See how I'm camping the only road into my territory? The Russian's have been conducting overflights, and you can see the plane in the upper right corner. The planes fly in circles, or if it's an attack run, they fly across the map. In this instance, I believe it was my AI buddy who shot the plane down as I did not build any anti-aircraft guns.

And down goes the plane :D

There goes one of my tanks :(

Eventually I won by bringing the Sexton's down over to the Russian base and pounding them to bits. But, my smile soon left my face, due to my lame internet, I did not gain any experience. Thankfully the item drops are independent of internet, but if I want any hope of leveling up, I need my telco to get their crap together.

Time to visit the pokemon center! One of the things I like about Nintendo games, is that some of them have birthday notifications. This one always brings a smile to my face.

I hope so too folks. I'm going to be walking soon! Yeah, you heard it here, my leg is almost completely healed, so right now I'm flexing it as much as I can as I'll need all the strength I can get to finally walk again after 2 long years >__<

Oh, I managed to bring my DS lite back to life! I had ordered a top screen replacement from, because my DS Lite hinges were giving up, but oops, that top screen has a much lower brightness as you can see in the above pic. But whatever! It's time to Feel the Magic :D

For Feel the Magic, it will be a boss battle, Plants. Of course, I LOST. That's because I didn't realize I was moving him to close to the plants, and if you touch it a little bit, that's one health down. You are only supposed to go close enough to set fire to each limb, but hey, it's been years since I played this stage lol

For Rub Rabbits, it's Blow Gun. Oh boy, this was the wrong game to play right after having stomach cramps. Yes, I was supposed to blow into the microphone to attack, and of course, I....

...LOST! No way I was going to beat that. In fact, I need to pull a Nintendog's trick that I used to use, and that is play a loud noise on my phone to activate the DS' microphone. That way, I don't have to exhale a single bit while playing. Of course, till next year lol...

Yeah, that was it. It wasn't fun having the stomach cramps, but I wasn't going to let that spoil my yearly rituals. One day! One day I'll beat both Feel the Magic and Rub Rabbits stages thatI play on my birthday. But then again, to actually beat a stage, means beating the highest difficulty of that stage. Yeah, I don't know why they separated it like that, each stage already has a low, med and high difficulty. In order to complete a stage in mission select, you have to go all the way to the end of that stage to register it as completed. That's.... really hard to do in 1 shot lol.

Oh, and, I couldn't visit Fire Emblem Awakening for the birthday spoils, because for some reason that game will stop some where around 8PM for the day. If you try to visit the barracks, the characters will keep hounding your avatar to go to sleep lol.


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