July 22, 2011

The mangatron is getting married!

Houki, my love.

I will follow you to the ends of the earth. Even the Mariana Trenches.

I will love you from the top of my heart to the bottom of my heart.

I will hold you, and caress you. As long as you leg scissor me, that is.

No matter how many times you beat me with your wooden sword, I will
never hate you for it. Just don't hit my sweets.

When we're fighting an enemy, I will take a bullet for you with my
Tabane-wedding gift custom built I.S., even if it kills me.

We WILL have kids. If we have a boy, I will not name him Ichika. If we
have a girl, I will name her Shirley. You know, after the 501st
Squadron girl, not... never mind.

In sickness, and in health, for queen and country.

Houki. Will you marry me?

Leaked audio recording of the mangatron's proposal:

Oh bugger, I'm in for it now lol...

Please do not ask about the diamond ring. And I know there's only 1 Mariana Trench, but I kinda wanted to cover the others, while name dropping the most well known one. That and... I'm tired of re-takes :P Oh, and can anyone guess the hilariousness of Houki's reply? Just basic Japanese skill is needed there to see the sad conclusion to my one-sided love XD

June 28, 2011

RE: the controversy, Dog Days ep 13 TRUE Ending ver

That my friends, is the true ending of Dog Days. End of discussion,
wrap it like a mummy, shove it into a sarcophagus, throw it in the
museum, turn out the lights because what's done is done, so Becky FTW!
Heil Becky, oh user of the twintails, how I long to pet your tails the
way Naoya did to Lotte in Astarotte's Toy episode 12 XD

June 18, 2011

Young Justice Episode 10

Some of the new changes to my blogging, due to the retirement of my personal blog I'll be posting about things like this too, not just Anime and Manga. 

 I gotta say, Wendy looks cute. It's really just one of those rare cases where I got this hot feeling in my heart for a girl like her. Can I hope for more school life in my superhero cartoon? :D

Still, it's getting kinda hard to keep up with this style of directing for Young Justice, where during the action they cut into slice of life, then back to action. Not the first time, but it's going to take some getting used to, as I understand the creators are taking this series seriously with character development and how seriously connected all the episodes are in terms of continuity. I mean, the last great DC series I got into was Justice League and JLU, which kept it's episodic roots but had some continuity among them. Still though, I love Young Justice, although episode 10 strangely lacked Robin and Kid Flash >__>

But, as usual, the best part:

For a moment there, I thought I was watching Anime lol

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June 16, 2011

RE: the controversy, Hoshizora he Kakaru Hashi ep 10

There's no need to explain this, right? That's just how bad I felt for
Madoka, rule #1 for guys is you never make a girl cry... even if she
made the mistake of saying "friends" instead of "lovers" when they
made the childhood promise. *runs*

March 2, 2011

I met Misaka in Manila.ph, and I caved.

You know, during my escapades to repair my laptop, I came across an interesting banner somewhere in Manila (Ermita I think):

Darn power lines. This country sure could modernize...

Look, it's Misaka and her gang! A better view:

Again the darn power lines are in the way. Note the Jeepney on the extreme left, showing how low my hired ride was. 

I suggest you look at the establishment beside it (on the right). I hope there are girls in there with skirts, because I would like to walk in there with a portable fan running full blast and see some panchira. Yeah, right. Ahem, anyways, having seen Misaka, I find it ironic (I don't believe in coincidence) that the Index Season II arc at the time was the one where Misaka goes on about the penalty game, which featured appearances of some Misaka sisters and the tiny Misaka Misaka. I felt so strongly of the sisters, that I went and got my own goggles:

 I could mod a pinhole camera from dealextreme.com into there...

...or maybe some Splinter Cell thermal imaging and night vision...

Sure they aren't like what the sisters use, but I remembered the color green, which happens to be my favorite color, so now I think of the sisters everytime I don these goggles as I work on repairs that fling a piece of metal at my precious eyes, says mangatron with a content tone of voice. Did I just level up to the next level of weirdness in my Anime/Manga hobby? By the way, the pictures are from a camera phone. A modded fixed focus lens, I modified it for manual focus, being possibly the first manual focus smartphone out there (yes, the lens are adjustable without a heavy case mod). The reason why I chose this camera option is because there is no way my Touch Pro would have captured it clearly, and as you can see, before I left the house I set it to a level close to infinity zoom, and despite the low tech (old phone, people), I think it came out rather nicely considering I was in a moving vehicle and my left hand was used because of the injury on my right wrist. Not bad at all, says mangatron with a satisfied tone of voice.

Of course, it made me laugh [seeing Misaka in Manila]. Now, I know Project Railgun doesn't sponsor a karaoke place out here, but the part I laughed about, was that misuse of copyrighted material isn't new in this country. Because, Tony Stark has a stake in this country and he wants you to work those abs:

Sure thing Tony.

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