March 13, 2013

Da Capo III episode 02

Since all I saw was a close up of school uniforms and such last ep, let's see what's in store for this episode.

Yoshino Charles in class

It's a Charles-chan episode, which.... I'm surprised to be honest. I usually regard the girl who gets her own episode first as having a low chance of being the chosen girl at the end of the series, but for it to be Charles-chan so soon..... That's great! That means that Kiyobaka won't defile her purity, and that means I get to marry her! Whoohoo! >o< *runs* by the way, I wanted to mention something. I don't like calling her Charles, I can't call her Shirley because.... she's not a Charlotte, and I can't call her Ruru/Lulu-nee like a certain Kiyobaka, so I hereby announce my nickname for her:

Dr. Rurru-nee! :P

So when it comes to character episodes, I classify it as the girl who talks for the most of the ep in non-sporadic events, the girl who we see several sides to, the girl who ends the ep in a way that makes you feel like you just saw deeper into her soul, her mind, her body, her.... ahem, you get the idea. Yes, I only care about episodes centered on the girls, it's not like harem anime centered on the males as often as they center on the girls.
Oh look, another close up! Yay!

Your neesan is hungry and asks you for food while in the above pose. What do you do? Do you A, give her some white hot sticky stuff? Or B, stick your finger in her mouth, or C, make her mad and say no?

Oh my gosh you chose C! Now you made her mad, look at her, that cute pouty face... I said it before, right? I love pouty girl, because that means I made her mad and I must be punished :D

She's jelly mad at you!

She's very upset at you for giving her food on such a small plate! What's the matter with you? Can't you see she's still growing? GIRLS NEED THEIR NUTRIENTS TOO >:D

I can't believe you've driven her into a dark corner.... look at the poor girl, Alone in The Dark >__>

Let's change the topic for a bit. Ever since it's been brought to my attention over at Crazy's manga about girls peeing in recent anime/manga, I've always been on the lookout er I mean I've been conscious about it. And seeing a girl put her hands to her crotch and fidget about so makes me think she has to pee XD seriously, the above scene really looked like it! MAKE WAY SHE GOTTA GO PEEPEE

When a girl whispers in your ear.... *faints* wait wait, correction: when a neesan whispers in your ear! YEAH! XD

There's even some loli Rurru! I'd eat meals with her anytime! \o/

The entire episode was weird for a character piece, something I wasn't expecting. While there was quite a lot of bounce to Dr Rurru-nee, this wasn't an episode focusing on her for a larger duration than other character episodes of other series. A part of this is du to the side plot which picks up right after episode 01, that Lacus Clyne tree that suddenly rained a lot of pink dust. The first hint I even realized this was going to be a Rurru episode wasn't some time after 7 minutes have gone by into the ep. So it went a little something like: some Rurru here, PLOT, some Rurru there, PLOT, Rurru PLOT Rurru PLOT RURRUUUUUUUUU

So it kind of broke some of the feeling of connecting with Rurru's character, by focusing on her for several minutes, back to the Lacus tree, some more Rurru-nee, etc. The message I kind of interpreted from all of it though was something like, as the neesan character, there are times when she wants to depend on instead of being depended on. Not to mention her pride is also at stake,. so she wants to improve her skills too. Unfortunately the lack of time focused on these parts are to blame for giving her character the all too familiar trait of a girl whose nutrients went to her head instead of her brain, which of course she isn't, but what of it, it's the end of the episode already.....

And we get to go bathing with Rurru-nee!! Whoohoo! Unfortunately, it's R-18, so I can only show you the R-15 pics.
Those are some cute nice feet! She can step on me anytime :D

And that is a big bathtub. With a.... wall thermostat?

Bathing with Dr Rurru-nee to end the ep, can they even top this?

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