June 28, 2011

RE: the controversy, Dog Days ep 13 TRUE Ending ver

That my friends, is the true ending of Dog Days. End of discussion,
wrap it like a mummy, shove it into a sarcophagus, throw it in the
museum, turn out the lights because what's done is done, so Becky FTW!
Heil Becky, oh user of the twintails, how I long to pet your tails the
way Naoya did to Lotte in Astarotte's Toy episode 12 XD

June 18, 2011

Young Justice Episode 10

Some of the new changes to my blogging, due to the retirement of my personal blog I'll be posting about things like this too, not just Anime and Manga. 

 I gotta say, Wendy looks cute. It's really just one of those rare cases where I got this hot feeling in my heart for a girl like her. Can I hope for more school life in my superhero cartoon? :D

Still, it's getting kinda hard to keep up with this style of directing for Young Justice, where during the action they cut into slice of life, then back to action. Not the first time, but it's going to take some getting used to, as I understand the creators are taking this series seriously with character development and how seriously connected all the episodes are in terms of continuity. I mean, the last great DC series I got into was Justice League and JLU, which kept it's episodic roots but had some continuity among them. Still though, I love Young Justice, although episode 10 strangely lacked Robin and Kid Flash >__>

But, as usual, the best part:

For a moment there, I thought I was watching Anime lol

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June 16, 2011

RE: the controversy, Hoshizora he Kakaru Hashi ep 10

There's no need to explain this, right? That's just how bad I felt for
Madoka, rule #1 for guys is you never make a girl cry... even if she
made the mistake of saying "friends" instead of "lovers" when they
made the childhood promise. *runs*