February 25, 2013

Believe Machine, why it's the best ending to an H manga I've ever read

(Warning: Spoilers! They are present because, well, I'm talking about an ending. If you haven't read it yet, read it now!)
I don't even feel like calling it an H manga because really, it's in a league of it's own. A wonderful piece of art, not just visually, but a literary piece that on the surface, may look like a normal great ending, but to me it meant a lot more than just a simple ending.

This was a story of a robot, who was anything but. She showed more humanity in her life and end than I usually see in these type of romance stories involving human/robot relationships. The part that really got to me, and ultimately did make me cry once I realized it, was her death. At a glance it looks like she served her purpose, and so she too must sleep once again. But in reality, this was the part where I really read deeply into it, and it makes so much sense. The thing that happened was, she used her self destruct program to terminate herself at the death of her master. Some folks thought that she did this because she no longer had a purpose, that she fulfilled her duty and promise to her master. I saw it like this: by reprogramming herself, she made a choice, not to cease functioning once her promise was fulfilled, but a choice of what she herself wanted to do. She didn't follow commands like a robot, she showed a true human emotion that a robot normally shouldn't, and that was to make a choice to love someone till death.

It is that choice that really made me realize, she became more human than what it looks like. I had to fight back the tears because of my left eye, but I couldn't help it. This was a great read, I felt more to it than Cherry Pink, and further proof that some hentai can have a great story. In the last decade, it used to be said that "Hentai has no story". Now I get to say, "Read Believe Machine TL'ed by LustyLadyProject."

In her final act, the robot showed great human emotions instead of following a command. Truly the happiest robot in the world.


  1. Couldn't agree more. 10/10

  2. 12/10 :'3
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  3. over eight thousend level of vanilla!!
    this manga almost made me cry and is one of the best endings a manga of this tipe has, altough a litle cliche it was a satisfactory ending

    1. I think what makes this a satisfactory ending for me is that it truly ended, not as an end to a chapter count or a concluded arc, but as a true end, one that ends in a happy death.

  4. shit..the ending make me cannot sleep.

  5. Hello everyone!

    I've got a big hentai collection on my computer. I guess there are about 1500 folders. Each folder is a story or even a complete book. I collect them since...well about 18 years. And im not exaggerating that this is my personal "no.1 hentai story". Since i read it i've got on more folder called "very special mangas" and "believe machine" is the first story in it and i hope more like this high quality h-manga will follow.

    That's the best story i've ever read!

  6. Is there any OVA's for this manga ?

  7. When i saw the last panel i couldn't stop crying for 15 straight minutes, now everytime that i see or even hear the name believe machine i just tear up.


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