March 13, 2013

Da Capo III episode 02

Since all I saw was a close up of school uniforms and such last ep, let's see what's in store for this episode.

Yoshino Charles in class

It's a Charles-chan episode, which.... I'm surprised to be honest. I usually regard the girl who gets her own episode first as having a low chance of being the chosen girl at the end of the series, but for it to be Charles-chan so soon..... That's great! That means that Kiyobaka won't defile her purity, and that means I get to marry her! Whoohoo! >o< *runs* by the way, I wanted to mention something. I don't like calling her Charles, I can't call her Shirley because.... she's not a Charlotte, and I can't call her Ruru/Lulu-nee like a certain Kiyobaka, so I hereby announce my nickname for her:

Dr. Rurru-nee! :P