February 3, 2013

Da Capo III episode 01

Ah, 10 year anniversary! From Da Capo to DCSS to DC2-2 and then DCIII, I'm absolutely giddy! Let's see what's in store for episode 01.
Uh... this is a close up of a girl's hands on her hips?

A close up of a cup of tea.

This... looks like her face after she drinks the tea. You know what they say, "the brisk tea" :D

The best part of a girl: her legs!

uuuhhhh.... 5 fingers per hands?

A close up of what meat buns look like on the dinner table.

Blasphemy! I thought girls always undress starting with their pantsu! >:D

This is a close up of what spats look like under a girl's skirt.

This is a hair accessory! I love girls who dress up their hair :D

My left eye can't be playing tricks on me... I think that left boob is bigger than the other one.

Look at that flowery ribbon! I wonder if I'll ever see the other side...

Doesn't that just make you want to pucker up those lips?

This is a close up of a girls right eye! I wonder what her left eye looks like :P

This is a close up of the mouth of a pouty girl! I love when girls are miffed and pout, it makes me realize I did something bad, and that I must be punished.... :D

A close up of a green ribbon!

There's the other side!

Now there's a red ribbon!

A white ribbon! ...Looks like a table cloth >__>

There's her left eye!

That is an arm band of... two hair combs back to back? :P

"So like, last night, mangatron was like, this big!" Sharuru you meanie! Waaaaah *mangatron runs off and buries his face into Sakura's lap pillow*

This is a rather thin ribbon. I kinda miss the anime where the girls wore giant ribbons on themselves...

A yellow ribbon... oh no! It's being crushed! Bombed within the Valley of Happiness.

A girls hand before she points her finger. I love girls who point fingers at me, it makes me feel like I have a deadline hanging over me, and if I fail, I will be punished by her :D

Dat grin! She's about to hand down my sentence!

A close up of a cell phone screen. Looks like Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

This is a... close up of... cherry blossoms resting on the hillside? :D

*activates Arnold Schwarzenegger voice*  I know what that is. That is an Espresso machine........Is it a snow cone maker?

Now that is a close up of a good night's sleep :D

Wait a minute.....what happened to this episode? Where are the people? How come everything is so up close and personal? You silly camera man! Always zooming in on the yummy girls XD


  1. This review was hilarious omg I want to watch the show now.

  2. lol @ meat buns on the table

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