May 8, 2013

Feel my birthday!

Ah, that one day a year I can unwind and do.... normal stuff. Well, if touching a virtual girl's boobs with a stylus counts as normal, then yeah....

(Click above for an introduction by me! If it doesn't play, then click here to download.)

I had to dress her up in ninja outfit. This year was definitely a year for the sexy ninja-chan.

My week leading up to today was absolutely mixed of good luck bad luck. I don't even know how many good bad things can happen to someone, I had to spend the week healing my ailing shoulder, I almost caught a cold, and perhaps the worst so far, my only functionally sane smartphone I had died. Lucky for me I had actually set my mind to something for once in my life, and I looked forward to this day, my day of peace and... a stupid power outage.

My day starts with....Company of Heroes! Oh yeah, can't wait for Company of Heroes 2, but with my B-day falling on VE-Day, this is one ritual I feel has to be done first thing. A quick rundown on why this one was special: last night, before heading to bed, I wanted to try a quick game of CoH. The idea was to try Panzer Elite from the other side of the Lyon map (I had always done from slots 1 & 2.) I lost. I bloody lost.
Wasn't my fault. My AI buddy was completely lost (map bugs from version 2.601), and I had to fend off against those tanks by myself. By the time it got its act together, it was too late, no way I can fight off 2 Expert AI's alone (on this map anyway).
See that engineer? It wanted to build that barracks at the bottom of the screen, but it just stopped right there, while I had already captured 3 points.

This was probably the most hilarious thing I've seen yet. Have you ever seen an enemy engineer unit help the enemy to fix the bridge? I've always seen the enemy fix from their side of the bridge, but not right beside an enemy unit.

I went to sleep with revenge on my mind, that's for sure. And I had to keep in mind, Panzer Elite is not how good their vehicles are, but how well you use their groups of soldiers.
As you can see above, I had been using my soldier units as a group thanks to "Group Zeal" + "Veteran Sargent", running around protecting our capture points while my AI buddy can run down the middle road and wreck havoc.
This was also the first time I managed to call in 2 reinforcements of Panther Tanks, due to their high population cost, it showed how I was able to support my AI buddy with just that small group of soldiers.

Next up is the meat of my day: Feel the Magic and Rub Rabbits! Those pair of games that let you touchy feely a female stranger and not go to jail >__>
Antlion was very easy thanks to a new method I tried for the first time: dual wielding Finger stylus + DS Lite stylus!

I actually beat "Antlion" and "Candle", I somehow lost both "Cart" and "Bus Stop", Bus Stop on the first try >__> going 2 for 2 wasn't bad, sure wish I had a higher win percentage :/ (I CAN'T BELIEVE I FAILED BUS STOP Sunnova BBBR@$@%%&^&*@#@$(!))

On Rub Rabbits (the sequel to Feel the Magic), I of course failed "Piano", I failed "Dinner" at level 4, I was so close to winning "Lovebomber", and I failed 3 seconds in on "Dip". What the heck? I can't believe I couldn't win any of these. The sequel has always been harder for me than Feel the Magic, I think I've got to play this more often than once a year, I still haven't unlocked all the costumes :(
She didn't even get to take a dip when I failed...

I was so pissed of failing so much, I made my girlfriend wear a swimsuit. What do you think about that design? :P

And that's my day! No donuts this time around, no soda, no gifts no nothing, just me, Myself, Yourself. Er.... seriously though, I explained it all before why my birthday is like this, so don't think too much about it >__>

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