May 10, 2013

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san episode 02

As if this anime couldn't get any more hilarious, this time around they are changing the way you remember history XD

I think that's a nice touch btw, the title is in the OP. Hey, for a 12 minute anime, they sure are making the most of this series. Anyways, our first taste of a how history changed happens quite early too. Does anyone remember Seto No Hanayome? Yeah, Takurou's VA loves those mermaids XD but what I wanted to talk about, was the thing about mermaids singing. In Seto No Hanayome, if I'm remembering this correctly, their songs had power-up abilities, but here in Muromi-san, they.... sink ships XD
That has got to be one of the things I love so much about this series, is that they take much of what you knew, and twisted it. Seriously, what does singing have to do with sinking ships? Totally caught me off guard XD

First segment though focuses on Muromi-san and cell phones. Hers is right up there, the seashell on her right twintail. Gotta be some Xperia Z technology to be that waterproof :D One thing anime and manga has taught me, is that when your girl texts you or calls you, YOU DO NOT IGNORE HER XD
Or else she'll ambush your favorite fishing spot and throw a sea urchin at you...

There's the blue ponytail!

The next segment introduces us to a creature of lore, the Leviathan. Only this time it's a mermaid type girl XD (well she can transform too!) I absolutely love how they made the joke here with her name. In Japanese the "th" is pronounced with an "s", and saying her name in Japanese is a respectful "Levia-san", which not only plays on the pronunciation but it also denotes her elder status XD
How do they call it, Nyotaika I think. That's one really nice looking Leviathan.

That fang! And look at her collar, it's an anchor XD I bet that's her limiter, break it Rosario Vampire style and she transforms! :D

Seriously, THAT LEVIA-SAN :D

Now, about that history stuff. This episode was so hilarious because she was front and center in the destruction of the Mu continent XD Seriously, this episode has to be watched, one of the most amusing Evangelion parodies I've seen so far, for this series, it was a welcome sight.

The next twist in history was about their enjoyment of fireworks, and I was so caught off guard by what I was about to see:
The fireworks they were enjoying were actually:

The trojan horse operation XDDD In our times, fireworks are explosive, fiery stuff, right? They took it way literally this time around, works of fire streaking through the sky :D

One other effect of this episode, was Muromi-san's cute side. Deep down she's an innocent girl at heart, ah I'd be friends with her anytime XD

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